Fifa 11 Superpatch 2011/12 season

23 Oct 2011 · 19 commenti

After a year of silence we're back with our first and last update for Fifa 11, our SUPERPATCH for 2011/12 SEASON!
It's a sort of present for all those who can't play Fifa 12, so here you can have your Fifa 11 updated to the new season. It is not a complete update and it's not perfect.

Anyway these are the features:
- Completely updated rosters for Serie A and the best European teams
- Promotion and relegations for the best European leagues
- Top transfers updated
- Kits for the new season for Serie A teams and a lot of European teams

You can download the patch AT THIS LINK.

Remember to back up your fifa.db in Game\data\db folder in order to continue your old save games.
Once ingame, don't download the new updates.

See you soon with the first patch for Fifa 12!

Superpatch 2010/2011

14 Sep 2010 · 54 commenti

Online our first Superpatch, that updates FIFA 10 to 2010/11 season.
The aim of the patch is to offer a good update for the new season to everyone, with a mix of the best creations of the comminity.

These are the features of the patch:
- Completely updated rosters for Serie A, Premier League and the best other European teams
- Promotion and relegations for European leagues
- Top transfers updated
- New kits for the new season for a lot of teams
- New Serie A and Serie B logos.

The patch is divided in 2 parts: the first one has the updated database and has an automatic installation (you have just to set your FIFA 10 main directory!) and the second part contains the updated graphics (kits, minikits and logos) and you have to install it by Creation Master 10 (follow the readme.txt in the archive).
It's also available the first part with a manual installation for those who have Vista or Windows 7!

The patch is not perfect and is not complete, but I hope to update it frequently 'till FIFA 11 release.

Server 1 (fileserve)

Mirror (

Manual installation for Vista and Win 7 (

Bayern Munich 2011 kits

11 Sep 2010 · 6 commenti

Here for you today new great Bayern Munich kits set for 2010/2011 season! Amazing kit with amazing colours.
Download it HERE!

Manchester United 2011 kits set

8 Sep 2010 · 8 commenti

Here's Manchester United 2010/2011 complete kits set with mini kits too, with all the details and really realistic colours. You have to install everything by Creation Master 10.
Download the kits set HERE!

Barcelona 2011 kits

28 Aug 2010 · 6 commenti

Here there are new Barcelona 2010/11 kits!
Excellent quality, you can download them BY CLICKING HERE. Use Creation Master 10 to install them!

AC Milan 2011 kits

25 Aug 2010 · 11 commenti

A great HI to everyone, after few months, finally there are new things to publish on this blog, as the new football season is starting!
Today we are publishing AC Milan 2010/2011 new kits, with minikits too; install everything easily by the Creation Master 10. The kits are really great and they have more realistic colours.
Stay tuned at Fifa 10 Patch Blog, because we are going to publish new files for the new season with also a new updated rosters patch!

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